K9 Good Citizen and basic training

K9 Good Citizens

One of my passions is working with dogs to help them to become better K9 Citizens.    

When I walk your dog, it is always my pleasure to give him or her both physical and mental exercise.  You can let me know if there is something specific you would like me to work on with your pet.  For example:  Maybe your four-legged friend needs to brush up on his or her  "walking etiquette!"  No problem!  I can work with your dog on some basic training and commands like  "heel", "sit", "stay", and  "down."  With just a little fine-tuning and reinforcement, walks with your best friend will be more enjoyable for both of you!

Is there a behavioral problem or issue with your dog that you feel you need some extra help with?  I love to work with owners and their dogs to ensure happy and healthy relationships and environments.